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CEO in the German part of switzerland


As CEO, I was delighted to know that our finances were well managed and ready to handle the strong growth in sales. Having peace of mind helped me to focus on customer acquisition and recruiting the best talents in the market.

Investor in the french part of switzerland


Vivien supported a turn around situation in a company I invested in. He quickly improved the reliability and frequency of the available information to us and the management. Therefore making sure that all stakeholders were pulling in the same direction.

Having the right information available to you is the key in making good decisions.

Vivien Fuhrer Headshot

Vivien Fuhrer

The startup CFO started as a project, Vivien, wanted to support startups in creating a brighter future, helping these growing organization better manage their hard-earned cash to produce the most fabulous outcome.

After working on various projects, Vivien felt that in most projects, management, employees, investors and all the other stakeholders were not pushing together in the same direction. This situation created a lack of vision, mission, and purpose, which demotivated all parties.

As a result, communication within the team and with the stakeholders was decreasing and trust was eroding.

Time and time again, Vivien had to help a company put in place simple but transparent systems to define the direction of the company and communicate it in an orderly and inclusive way to all stakeholders.

Working together in meeting

By creating startup CFO, Vivien shares his gathered knowledge, including all the tools he uses. These are ready for you to download below. Start to use the most effective tools to build trust, increase communication, and create shared purpose in your organization to achieve BIG things.

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about Vivien Fuhrer

Vivien is a seasoned financial manager with experiences from self-employed to large businesses. He worked on 3 different continents and understands well the challenges that CEOs, and Investors face during the growth of a company.

Vivien can communicate in English, French, and German. He is based in Bern, Switzerland, and thanks to the train system in Switzerland, he can easily join a project from Geneva to St-Gallen and from Basel to Sion.